The Simplest Way of Communication



Introduction to Heelo?

Heelo is a messaging platform made for your convenience. You may say 'Why Should I use Heelo instead of any other messaging platforms?'. Well Heelo is a messaging platform focused on video calling, calling and messaging your friends and family at your own convenience. Heelo's main focus is to provide simplicity, connectivity and flexibility to your way of communication in order for you to enjoy your long conversations with your loved ones. 

Heelo will be launched first on iOS in March 2017 and later in the fall of 2017 will be the launched on Android. 

How Heelo was born?

Khurram always had the dream to change the world. And in the lookout for something that would make our daily use of technology simpler he thought of a messaging platform that would fulfil the three main concepts being simplicity, connectivity and flexibility.

After months of research and receiving failure to find one, He came up with Heelo in 2014 and started the production of Heelo in April 2015. After 2 years of planning and production Heelo is now at it's stage of completion and being launched on 3rd March 2017. 

Heelo will be launched first on iOS and later in the fall of 2017 will be launched on Android and its focus is to provide its consumer's simplicity, connectivity and flexibility.

In Summarisation, Heelo will be born on its launch in 2017 but the idea was born in 2014 with the development of this network taking just over a year for Khurram to develop this alone whilst managing his GCSEs and then A-Level Studies. 

Also, some of many achievements that Heelo brings is that it is the first British social network and messaging platform and is owned by a 16 year old who will be the youngest messaging platform owner in the world with the launch of Heelo. Heelo brings a lot of joy for the consumers as it will always try to be cheaper than all social networking apps that are that are focused around messaging.





Ceo of Heelo

Khurram Asif

Khurram Asif  a 11 year old, who is known as the CEO of TechSimulater. He started off with a YouTube channel dedicated on technological coverage in 2012. Leading him to his first step into his career of technological development, his dream was to enter the world of computer science being successful. 

In 2013, He opened TechSimulater officially with a more professional YouTube Channel with the current website (www.techsimulater.com) made from his coding skills which lead him to get into the career of his dreams. His coding skills gave him the opportunity to develop an app for his business and then publish it on the Android Google Play Store. He then took a break from his business and YouTube to focus on studies.

In 2015, deciding to move on his business he decided to learn more coding languages and then started developing two game apps which then got him to a very successful deal which was the start of his career in terms of his business and profession. 

His successful deal allowed him to publish his games in order to start his company and continuous deals and clients lead him to be able to fulfil his dream which was to make life simple in the constantly fast growing technological era.